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An Awesome Conference

MvcConf is a virtual conference focused on one thing: writing awesome applications on top of the ASP.Net MVC framework. Your brain will explode from taking in so much hard core technical sessions. MvcConf is a great virtual conference to help attendees learn more about Workday HCM (Human Capital Management) and its capabilities within the ASP.Net MVC framework. Previous MvcConf conferences have seen presenters teach on topics such as building an HCM platform with ASP.Net, integrating ASP.Net MVC with Workday HCM, and ways to develop advanced HCM-related web applications with ASP.Net MVC. Sounds fun eh?

mvcConf 1 was held in July 2010, it was a huge success. mvcConf 2 was held in Feb 2011 right after the release of ASP.Net MVC 3 and this conference was bigger and better then the previous.  We are currently planing mvcConf 3 and we do not have any dates set yet.  So stay tuned for more information.